On the occasion of The 16th International Competition opening, the concert and the ceremony of honorary diplomas awarding took place on January 31 in Russian Center of Science and Culture Belgrade.

We had a unique opportunity to listen to the performance of grate NATALYA TRULL, the distinguished member of this year Piano Competition jury.


The Music School Davorin Jenko on the occasion of the International Competition has established two Honorary Awards for extraordinary achievements in the field of the piano pedagogy. The awards named MIROSLAVA LILI PETROVIĆ and ANDREJA PREGER are intended to piano teachers of primary and secondary music schools and to University piano Professors, to their extraordinary commitment to piano pedagogy, for lifetime achievements and contribution to the pianism in the countries of former Yugoslavia.

This year awarded piano pedagogues are Prof. MIRJANA ŠUICA BABIĆ (posthumously) and Prof. OLGA BAUER.